Saturday, 5 May 2012

Monday ABC

So...what are your thoughts?From ABC and Alphapet street something with Z? I Know!! Zero and Blind Terry. For paolo...


  1. Adam_from_Rio7 May 2012 at 10:51

    Norrie, where did you get the theme for Monday from?
    Cant see it anywhere on the GIO page.

    Mad Mac didnt go and send in some unnamed assasins to reek some terrible revenge did he?

    Henri didnt go and drop off an arsenic laced banana loaf?

    Scotch Git didnt go all Travis Bickle on us did he?

      You talkin' tae me?

  2. I'm sure on Friday he said they would be doing ABC and trying to get 26 songs in.

    You maybe missed it as you were traumatised by blog shutting down.

  3. There's nothing on fake book. I've been posting there in an effort to get some reaction but that party is a dud. 4k users? Aye, right....

    Here! How do we edit our profiles here Blogmeister? Adam will want his Lloyd Webber photo nae doot

  4. Fake book stuff up now. Someone has requested that Bryan plays Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours". I couldn't resist the temptation......

  5. Apparently two people "Like" my snarky comment. Scotch, do you have fake fake book aliases?

    DC has been seduced by the Dark Side...

  7. No I hivnae. I think their party looks pathetic and needs gate crashed by a few with size twelves on. I didn't like fake book and I'll be closing my account soon. I canny believe how many folk have me down as wannabe friends. They should be so feckin lucky! Some of them I haven't spoken to since we were at school and even then I hardly knew them!

    Norrie, can we stop this idea of having to select a profile each time we post? Or am I doin something wrong (again)?

  8. Will you be my friend?

  9. Yes Glen I will be your friend. Don't ask again.

  10. DC you should not have to. Just post as anonymous and sign DC at end of comment.

    I'm kinda hoping one of the boffins (Capn) will come along with something better!

  11. Nope, that didn't work