Tuesday, 29 May 2012

And Ziggy plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayed.....

guitaaaaaaaaaaar etc!

Maybe Monday will be Ziggy night!

So far I am the proud owner of:

Ziggy lp

Ziggy RCA Cd

Ziggy Ryko deluxe CD

Ziggy Ryko 180gm vinyl

Ziggy SACD

Ziggy 30 Anniversary deluxe edition

Ziggy japanese remaster (very nice)

And on Monday I will be the proud owner of Ziggy 40th Anniversary LP AND DVD with 5.1 surround sound (I would need jimfromerskine or the capn to explain what I do with this).

Surely but surely......at last ZIGGY NIGHT????


  1. Adam_from_Rio "So true, funny how it seems.."29 May 2012 at 22:03

    You'll know all about this then of course...


    I subscribe to this site. Quite a coincidence eh?
    And fit and proper that Gary got the honour.
    You'll see he's presenting a 90 min doc Radio 2 on the 6th too.

  2. pass

    the 2 bowies i like are major tom, ashes 2 ashes and the german version of heroes

    cheers frae the dale

    1. I'm not too keen on Ashes To Ashes

    2. I have no Bowie in my collection, though my son had Rebel Rebel on a guitar compilation.

  3. Bloody hell MacLean what thread are we on? You wait two days on a blog and then three come along at once!

  4. Bauhaus did a better version ☺

  5. Adam ...was terrified of leaving a forwarding address for the fish in case I got blocked again...I was kinda hoping the fish migh return, but maybe he's been blocked too. Not much Bowie in my collection, obvious stuff. I recently listened to Aladdin Sane the whole way through and thought it rather wonderful, first time in decades. Also,whilst checking out a theme on Spotify a year or so ago for 'considered' suggestions, I came across the 'Black Tie White Noise' album and bought a copy from Amazon - it's a favourite in Chateau Hannah.

    regardez youse


  6. Following the shock news of The Alexander Brothers' retiral, expect GIO to revisit a favourite theme - Scottish Nonentities.

    1. No doubt someone will feckbook in a request, saying they're having "Nobody's Chilli" for tea

    2. finished off with "For these are my muffins".

    3. I'm surprised they have chosen to retire now after that great cameo in "Battleship".
      I was just saying, it could be their "Shrek".

  7. I like Heroes but they could have saved the expense of flying Robert Fripp in by leaning a guitar against a speaker.

    1. Ah! So she was actually singing "I Want To Be Fripp"
      in 1981?

  8. I've got the dog's bollocks 8-)