Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Glen Miller!

I'm kinda siding with Glen - I think the parties over!

I tweet a few of the suggestions but it is just not going to be the same.

I will keep this going for a while and see how it pans out!


  1. I think we need something to keep the discussion going. I will mail in my own suggestions.

    I vote to keep this blog running

  2. Keep it norrie . Checkin out each others suggestions was always worthwhile

  3. well it's a lot to expect our norrie to be responsible for - we can all post the show... I have this feeling the GIO blog accessed from norrie's link will probably work until the computer hosting it crahes or is updated. we'll all be died by then - but will Megrahi? I find it absolutely charming that they've closed it but we can still access it. It is like being ghosts in the machine.

    regardez youse



  4. I'd like to see this continue as a way of keeping in contact but I have no interest in suggesting music for that show. Surely we have more in common than that.

  5. I like MadMac's suggestion on the GiO blog, where if it's a repeat theme, we try to find the original thread in the archives and resume posting there. Might be worth a laugh

    Keep this going Norrie

  6. I agree with Glen, though I can still see a use for some of the themes as a topic for discussion

    Of course Glen is correct! Denial is not a river in Egypt!

    (I've been waiting all day to write that).


    What does Songs about Power actually mean?

    1. They'd better not ask for something by Jools Holland.... Everybody kains that's the unit of Energy and not Power

    I see we're on BST

    cue the Glen gag stolen from Barry Cryer


  9. It was very good of Norrie to set up this blog but I wouldn't blame him if he already feels he acted a bit too hastily. Facebook's just not as good as the old blog (honestly...some of the FB-ers can't even spell!!) but I for one don't want Norrie to think he must maintain this blog just to keep the rest of us happy.

  10. Adam_from_Rio8 May 2012 at 22:04

    Previously on the Blog...
    As I said, Norrie doesnt need to be the Music Mule or the Request Rider or the Shout Saddle or the....ok ok I know.

    If we put in our own suggestions by other methods then thats ok.

    What is required in the upkeep of this site Norrie?

    Also, I think its good to keep including our suggestions here. It is those and the themes that drive the banter.

    How do you get a wee photo on this?

    1. Agreed, Adam.

      Norrie - I doubt we're relying on you to get our shouts in. We're all capable of getting them in somehow. The usual caveats apply as to whether or not they get played.......

      What you have done is provide a great place for the GIO bloggers to keep blogging in the usual manner. Somehow at a tangent to the rest of the input.

      Re-photo - get gmail, you then get to become blogger, then you get to upload picture. ;o)

    2. Adam, go tae the top right of this page and sign up. You then get yer g-string (it'll go weel wi yer mankini) an ye get to be a Blogmeister like M-D says

      Easy peasy

  11. I value you lot more than the show that brought us together.

    Sorry Julie, but I don't care to or feel the need to contribute anymore & as for their lovie/dovie tripe that obviously reinforces a false sense of achievement... that's simply the hollow by product of that weeks latest Farcebook ingratiating sycophant!

  12. G.I.O. separated at birth.. revolves around the machines and people who populate the fictional Island of Sodor.

    Gordon the Big Engine
    Percy the Small Engine
    Thomas the Tank Engine
    Toby the Tram Engine
    the Fat Controller

    Barbara, Bryan, Kirsten, Mandi, Muslim, Paul & Richard.

    1. Aww, nobody prepared to play matching the characters to the GIO Team?

    2. Go on, go on, go on, go on...