Monday, 14 October 2013

Funk and Soul

Yes you groovers stop fighting on facebook and pitch in with your funky stuff etc


  1. I'm worried about Adam - he doesn't know if it's New Year or New York.

  2. Since there's nothing happening here, let me express my admiration for Daniel O'Donnell who responded to a letter from a friend whose mother, a fan, was unwell by travelling to Strathaven to visit her and spend time with other patients.

    1. I've never understood why he is mocked so much.....he's got a nice voice....

      in fact i'll request him if i can find a country tune he's done.....

      cheers frae the dale

  3. Following the theft of a £3M statue police are following two positive lines of inquiry. It's either a international gang of art thieves with Qatari clients or a bunch of jakeys flogging scrap metal for Buckie.

  4. Can't believe they played Ella ( and her dreadful cover of Sunshine Of Your Love) on funk and soul night.