Tuesday, 16 April 2013



Yes are you in your sixties (or older like some visitors here)?

If so post your memories of listening to Athlone, Stars Of Jazz, AFM, Luxembourg etc. Or send direct to Bryan Burnette.

I will be suggesting Van In The Days Before Rock n Roll. But I will be suprised if it gets a play. This is not the same as Julies regular posts along the lines of "I ask for this a hundred times you never play my stuff etc etc". I really doubt it will get played (too long).


  1. Replies
    1. Johnny Burnette
      Bryan Burnett

    2. I have our old Philips radio in the loft. We used to listen to Michael Miles in Take Your Pick on Luxembourg. Reception was poor - similar to DAB.

    3. I was just watching TV whilst reading Norrie's blurb... and & thought "Brunette".

      What does Norrie want with hair dye?

    4. Radio?

      You were lucky....

      We just had a wireless

    5. You were lucky we just had two old tin cans and ten feet of string.

  2. I was only born in the sixties. Can I sue BB for age discrimination?

    1. I'm in for any compensation also.. let me know if you win your case.

    2. Case?

      You were lucky

      We just had a paper bag

    3. You were lucky all I had was an empty Scottish Bluebell box.

  3. Well, if f***book is anything to go by we could be in for a Human League night.
    Not a dozen posts 3 hours short of kick off.

    1. They seem to be looking for a 50s/60s night. The original teenagers will be 70 now and having their chins (and other things) wiped by nice young nurses.

    2. Not in my Mum's care home.

    3. Home?

      You were lucky

      We had a cardboard box between eighty five of us

    4. You were so lucky all 86 of us had to sleep under the Privet Hedge.

  4. Never mind its 1973 and 1984 on Pick of the Pops. A fine brace of years!

    1. What's the stand out tune in each year Adam?

    2. Stand out tune?

      You were lucky

      We had tae listen to the wireless in our cardboard box at 6pm each evening

    3. You were lucky we'd listen to the eldest sing whatever took their fancy to second eldest into one end of the tin can phone whilst under the hedge just as the third eldest hide all our belongings in the matchbox in case the provi man came by looking for his money.

    4. what a bunch o' rich people....we were the first in the street to have a TV so we all crowded round to watch 'the office' slurping horlicks.

      cheers frae the dale

    5. Something in there for all the Bloggers I think (even one for BB)
      Hot Chocolate Brother Louie
      Roberta Flack Killing Me Softly With His Song
      David Bowie Drive In Saturday
      Timmy Thomas Why Can't We Live Together
      Mud Crazy
      Slade Cum On Feel The Noize
      Kenny Heart Of Stone
      Geordie All Because Of You
      Roxy Music Pyjamarama
      The O'Jays Love Train
      Cliff Richard Power To All Our Friends
      Jimmy Osmond Tweedle Dee
      Donny Osmond The Twelfth Of Never
      David Cassidy Some Kind Of A Summer
      Dawn & Tony Orlando Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree
      Gilbert O'Sullivan Get Down

      Queen I Want To Break Free
      Scritti Politti Wood Beez (Pray Like Aretha Franklin)
      UB40 Cherry Oh Baby
      Sade Your Love Is King
      Rufus & Chaka Khan Ain't Nobody
      Michael Jackson P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)
      Phil Collins Against All Odds
      The Weather Girls It's Raining Men
      Culture Club It's A Miracle
      Captain Sensible Glad It's All Over
      Bananarama 4 Music
      Depeche Mode People Are People
      Thompson Twins You Take Me Up
      Shakin' Stevens A Love Worth Waiting For
      Lionel Richie Hello

    6. Horlicks .. Horlucks! You were posh (kinda like my Vicky) we got Ovaltine.

    7. Ah, Tweedle Dee.. Jimmy and me could/were separated at birth back in the day he'd copy me all the time even when wearing handmedowns.

      Rufus & Chaka Khan, nice.

    8. In 1973 Allan Freeman was playing good music on a Saturday afternoon. Cliff, Jimmy, Donny, David, Gilbert - nope, none of them featured.

    9. Well Gaie, we were all too busy oot playin fitbaw and rugby on Saturday afternoons. Nae danger o us, having to stay at home and decide between the horse racing on World o Sport or listening tae the wireless.

    10. In 1973 I moved into sheltered accommodation.

    11. Wasn't home, Adam, was a sad wee room where I spent 4 years toiling over maths books - yes even on a Saturday afternoon. Heaven knows why. Rick Derringer, Alvin Lee, ELP, they all brought some light into the hours of toil before discovering it was Saturday night and I wasn't going anywhere.
      Help ma boab, I'm nearly greetin'.
      Oh get a grip, girl, wasn't all like that, you were never indoors in the holidays. Up with the lark, out onto the moors on a horse, sun always shining, long evenings in the pub (working, but it didn't feel like it)....

      My son just tweeted the challenge to ask what course would you put down if faced with a UCAS form to fill in now. An interesting question.

    12. Ah, the days when horses were for trotting not potting.