Thursday, 2 August 2012

Red ring.....


For clarity the colours of the olympic rings are:

blue, yellow, black, green, and red

Not shiny flaming metal colour as Danny Boyle would have you believe.

So Red Rain - peter Gabrile

I think there is a Coldplay song that Julie will suggest foer Yellow

Pale Blue Eyes - Velvet Underground



  1. Frank Zappa - "Don't Eat The Yellow Snow"

  2. Chance for "Plaque is Plaque" by Los Bravos again.

  3. Shame "Brown Girl In The Ring" doesnt quite fit.
    There's not enough Boney M on GIO.

  4. Here's another one for you Norrie:

    The Jam - "Pretty Green"

  5. Mad Mac, Agent Provocateur par excellence!!
    I've just had a look on the other side and I'm surprised they haven't ganged up on you yet.
    Thon Zoha (he who writes in and thanks them when they play Police and Queen)will be first in line with the dagger.
    You watch yoursel.

  6. Did anyone see this poll carried out by the Performing Rights Society last week? Britain's Most Popular Sporting Songs?

    The Top 20 sporting songs are:

    1. Jump – Van Halen
    2. Start Me Up – Rolling Stones
    3. Higher & Higher – Jackie Wilson
    4. Gold – Spandau Ballet
    5. Thriller – Michael Jackson
    6. Wake Me Up! – Wham!
    7. The Winner Takes It All – Abba
    8. Silver Machine – Hawkwind
    9. We Are the Champions – Queen
    10. Shine – Take That
    11. Tracks of My Tears – Smokey Robinson
    12. The Long & Winding Road – The Beatles
    13. Eye of the Tiger – Survivor
    14. Simply the Best – Tina Turner
    15. Jump Around – House of Pain
    16. Gonna Fly Now – from Rocky
    17. Another One Bites The Dust – Queen
    18. Don't Stop Believin' – Journey
    19. Chariots of Fire (Theme)
    20. We Will Rock You – Queen

    Fail to see the sporting link in some of them.

  7. Oh Danny Boyle,
    The rings, the rings not golden,


  8. From set to set and to the Running Track,
    The Games are here and the Cyclists are the only ones winning,
    Tis them, Tis them we all must cheer on.

    Looks like Uncle Vic is covering

    next week's themes.

    1. Story Songs!!
      You'll get Teddy Bear on, SG.

      Patrick, you must have at least 3 A4s of them.

  10. I don't like Vic no more.

    1. Hoo no, ma lass?

    2. No more The Last DJ, plays what he wants to play.
      Vic's become a corporate man.

  11. Alison Again and Playlists have been stuck since Tuesday.

  12. I live in an apartment on the 99th floor of my block.

    A shoo-in for Storey Songs.

  13. Re wee Vic covering next week .. I'm intrigued about a fun runner suddenly becoming a subject matter expert .. or was there an open e-mail circulated round the whole of the BEEB calling for applications for aspiring Sports Commentators for events others would rather avoid.

  14. Observing Twitter conversations between BB & Mandi re his Olympic jaunt .. Beeb types would have you believe even cleaning "lavvies" to be the best job in the world.

    What is it that gives these "luvvies" such a high all the time?

  15. well why doesn't he go and clean the lavvies and let us run the show?

  16. Just the small issue of the Snr Producer who gave us Colin & Justin!

  17. I'll answer my own question .. Sweet smell of s ... uccess!