Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Is she really going out with him?

Well if these themes do not inspire you nothing, I say nothing, will:

Wed: Bryan's theme on Get It On is Gossip Songs.
Thursday: Bryan Burnett with two hours of music inspired by heroes.
Friday: Vic Galloway presents two hours of last songs.


  1. Pah! Never mind those themes. The Euros are warming up.
    In case you missed it, this is what Wayne listens to pre match:

    Rooney’s complete Spotify pre-match playlist:

    Deacon Blue – Real Gone Kid
    Arctic Monkeys – Riot Van
    Stereophonics – Maybe Tomorrow - Decade In The Sun Version
    Bon Jovi – It's My Life
    Various Artists - Oasis Tribute – Champagne Supernova (Cover Version)
    Cat Stevens – Father And Son
    Damien Rice – Delicate
    James Morrison – Up
    Eric Clapton – Tears In Heaven
    Bruce Springsteen – Streets Of Philadelphia
    The Hummingbirds – Doesn't Really Matter

    I'll try and get some more players' for you .....

      Thanks awfully, but we don't want you going to all that trouble on our behalf! An Oasis tribute, yet! OMG!


    2. Bruce eh? No wonder the boy is world class....I look forward to the rest of the lists. Does he use Dr. Dre headphones? I'd ban them from players along with the mobile phones. No respect.

    3. Here you go, Norrie. Another one...

      John Terry’s complete Spotify pre-match playlist:

      Best Friend’s Girl
      Daddy Cool
      Ebony and Ivory
      When I Kneed You

    4. You had to ruin it......

    "There's bound to be talk tomorrow, at least, there will be plenty implied..."

    Yep! Cerys & Tom are a shoo-in! And so is this!

    Gossip - Michael Marra

  3. Peter Tosh - "Shame and Scandal"

  4. I'd like to hear Taxman by Jimmy Carr and Take That.

  5. Ashley Cole's pre match playlist...

    Fight for this love ~ Cheryl
    Promises ~ Buzzcocks
    Shout ~ Tears For Fears
    Fog on the Tyne ~ Gazza
    Me & Mrs Jones ~ Billy Paul
    I don't want to go to Chelsea ~ Elvis Costello
    Liar ~ Sex Pistols

  6. Team bus driver's tape...

    Back Home ~ Mexico '70 something Squad
    Three Lions ~ Lighting Seeds
    World In Motion ~ New Order
    Vindaloo ~ Fat Les
    England's Irie ~ Black Grape feat. Joe Strummer & Keith Allen

  7. Tomorrow, some talk of Alexander and some of Hercules of Hector and Lysander but I reckon Donovan's Sunshine Superman deserves a mention of the Green Lantern!

  8. Talking of heroes.

    Text from Gaie:

    "He was all right, but he was no Tom Petty."

  9. Is the End Of The Line I wonder?

    1. Poor Gaie!

      But I'm sure he won't back down.

  10. What about "heroines"?
    Sexist theme! Sexist theme!

    1. Very same observation as those presenting the introduction?

  11. Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers at the Royal Albert Hall - I haven't enough superlatives to describe it. I nearly cried when they came on I was so thrilled to be there and yet it was also like seeing old friends. They played everything I'd have chosen to hear, they played it heart and soul and it was just, just perfect. A surprise for us was a guest spot with Steve Winwood. I had to leave before the encore, it's too far to walk back to Glasgow even when flying, but it didn't matter, they'd just played Running Down a Dream, the one I've always wanted to hear live. It was altogether just the best.

  12. I mean, yes, they did 'Oh Well'

      I think my most recent "perfect gig" was Bonnie Raitt at GRCH

      Or was it Mary Gauthier at Òran Mór?

    Anither gem that'll nivvir get airplay...

    The Last Will & Testament of Jake Thackray

  14. Replies
    1. Mind you, Michael Marra at the Strathclyde Suite of GRCH is a contender.

    2. back in the days of GIO I thought a theme might be the one song you really, really wanted to hear live, and did it live up to expectations? - Running Down a Dream would have been mine for this, Cellar of Dreams from the Silencers, Charlie Darwin, the Low Anthem, Last Kiss, Joe B, and so on. What special song did Bonnie tap her dainty little feet to for you, SG?

    3. Sky are supposed to be covering the Isle of Wight in 3D. Another chance to see your boy.

    4. I've got the specs, do I need a 3D telly?

  15. You might not get answer you're looking for!

      As John Prine says in his sad wee song Far From Me, "A question ain't really a question if you know the answer too."



    If I have to choose just one, (am I on Desert Island Discs? Coz Shakespeare disnae' push my buttons on paper. Thank God for Sir Kenneth Branagh), it'll have to be Bonnie's rendition of John Prine's Angel from Montgomery, accompanied by Phil Cunningham on squeezebox.

  17. My hero came under attack from Craig Brown in the Mail yesterday.
    I of course rushed to his defence but it sems my comment was moderated.

    1. I'm afraid I'm on Craig Brown's side. It's difficult to imagine circumstances terrible enough to render DLT interesting.

    2. Snooker on the radio?

    3. I was thinking more of 15 years' house arrest.


      If you like, you can leave a comment here.

      Cannae take to Craig Broon. No' as funny as he imagines himsel' tae be.

    5. No me!

      It all finishes today so we get oor city back again.
      And we can all breathe easier (and more cleanly if it all works).

    6. Aung San Suu Kyi always had time for DLT apparently.


      Another opporchancity to vent your spleen here.

    8. Aye, was it all worth it richt enuff.

      Still, we've got the Euros and England are still in with a chance.

      And I was thinking, when we get "The Henri Hannah Show" up and running, first guest presenter has to be HC DLT. We could then get the Burma Burd as guest producer and get a lot of kudos.

    9. And the burma burds first song would be Damien rice's unplayed piano. I would have the legendary casey kasem as guest presenter. the repeats of his american hot forty countdowns from the 70's on Smooth 70's are along with Brian Matthews the best programmes on radio.

    10. Smooth 70s???
      Never heard of it. I'll go and hae a look.


      Nivvir mind Craig Brown. The Jewish Telegraph staff are delighted. Seems DLT is one of the Chosen DJs.


      Click on CONFIDENTIAL then scroll down.

  18. Morning y'all, what's happenin'?

    Pure rainin', man!

  20. I thought I'd wandered into Weather Watchers Anonymous.

    I though Tom Petty was good last night but fresh-faced the band are not. Tom reminded me of the description of the Archbishop of Canterbury - "a tramp looking through a hedge". Did you notice the tremor in his left hand? Apparently a 30 year old injury acting up.

    1. He smashed his hand into a wall in temper while recording the Southern Accents album.
      Not looking good?
      Look at all the mud they'd to tramp through - well let me tell you, in South Kensington they looked damned fine to me.
      In fact I'm away to watch Running Down a Dream right now. Maybe I'll watch it again tomorrow.

    2. Next time I'll fork out for the 3D set.

    3. good idea. I'll send you the specs.

  21. Is Paolo away on his holidays??

    1. and Norribund the Blogmeister... It's Gabriel Time!

    2. Naw no yet. I added to your DLT comment earlier.

  22. Suppose, instead of listening to the wireless between six and eight o’clock one night, you set your i-pod to shuffle and then took a note of the music that was randomly selected, then compare the list to what was played that night on GIO. Obviously, you would think your i-pod’s random selection was a much better choice of music because you put it on there in the first place, but how would other bloggers’ random selections fare? And, if you were to put the bloggers’ selections in order of preference alongside the GIO selection, where do think the GIO selection would fit in?
    Assuming that the participating bloggers are representative of a cross section of the general listening public, and that the general listening public “choose the music” for GIO, you would expect the GIO playlist to land bang in the middle. Hmmmm……
    I don’t have an i-pod, but I have a juke-box I can set to random, so here’s my list from Thursday night.

    Most Likely You Go Your Way – Bob Dylan
    Dots Thots – Ozric Tentacles
    Heavenly Bank Account – Frank Zappa
    Bitch – Rolling Stones
    Black Friday – Steely Dan
    Clash City – The Clash
    Rubberband – Z
    Horseface – Chuck E Weiss
    You Can’t Stop Rock & Roll – Twisted Sister
    Excuse Me Mister – John Martyn
    Blackleg Miner – Richard Thompson
    Till The Morning Comes – Grateful Dead
    As I Roved Out – Planxty
    Stepping Out – John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers
    Hong Kong Money – Dr Feelgood
    Who Loves The Sun – Hafdis Huld
    Tam Lin – Fairport Convention
    Song For Insane Times – Kevin Ayers
    Sheriff Of Hong Kong – Captain Beefheart
    Trader John – Dr John
    The Morning Fog – Kate Bush
    Fire Engine Passing With Bells Clanging – Soft Machine
    Dancing With The Pixies – Gong
    Here Comes That Man Again – Kirsty MacColl
    Jack Shit George – Ian Dury And The Blockheads
    Deer Stop – Goldfrapp
    Princess of The Street – the Stranglers
    Birdnest Hair – QueenAdreeena
    Stang’s Swang – Stevie Ray Vaughan

    Unfortunately I don’t know what BB played on Thursday, but I suspect the GIO playlist would end up being second bottom, with my list bottom because I have an even worse taste in music than Bryan Burnett (except in my view).

    I think this would be a highly scientific experiment and the results would be irrefutable if anybody can be arsed.

      If anybody could be arsed, I would salute their irrefutability!

    2. Adam supports naefootyability

    3. If the bloggers are representative of the general public we're all in trouble.

  23. I've done the first half, Fish...

    Viva La Vida - Coldplay
    Reward - Teardrop Explodes
    Overkill - Men at Work
    Born in the USA - Bruce Springsteen
    Look of Love - ABC
    Town Called Malice - Jam
    Lost - Coldplay
    Zoom - Fat Larry's Band
    Love Changes Everything - Climie Fischer
    Road To Hell - Chris Rea

    ..and I'm thinking, "Bloody hell! I'd be as well listening to the show!" Of course I then realised that I've only got that Coldplay album and "I Luv The 80's" on ma iTouch.

  24. Here's mine from today: a useful exercise, it tells me time I had a clear-out and some new stuff on

    Next Voice You Hear - Jackson Browne
    Last Kiss - Joe Bonamassa
    Melinda - Tom Petty
    Come Home - Ryan Adams
    A Stubborn Kinda Fella - Frankie Miller
    An Sabhal Aig Neill - Runrig
    Waking Up Sideways - kassidy
    Lonely Boy - Black Keys
    Rocket - Def Leppard
    A Thing About You - Tom Petty
    Victory dance - My Morning jacket
    Let the Candlelight Shine - Frankie Miller
    Uprising - Muse
    Hinnom- Bon Iver
    Seagull -Joe Bonamassa
    Empty Room - Arcade Fire
    Where were you Last night - Traveling Wilburys
    Perfectly Good Guitar - John Hiatt
    songs by the Avett Brothers and the National, can't remember what

  25. Here's the first 24 songs on my scabby wee half-broken Zen Nano Plus...not changed the songs since about 2008.

    Fun Loving Criminals - Coney Island Girls
    Proclaimers - It's Saturday Night
    B-52s - 'Good Stuff
    Cherry Ghost - People Help the People
    Mary Chapin carpenter - Down At The twist and Shou
    Fastball - The Way
    Kevin Ayers - Stranger In Blue Suede Shoes
    Aztec Camera - Oblivious
    Marty robbins - El Paso
    Ditty Bops - There's A Girl
    Ian Dury - Geraldine
    John Mellencamp - Teardrops Will Fall
    Annie Lennox - Why
    Cheap Trick - If You Want My Love
    Jimmy Lindsay - Easy
    Wilco - She's A Jar
    Neil Young - Like A Hurricane
    Steve Earle - Telephone Road
    Slade - How Does It Feel
    Status Quo - Down Down
    The Kinks - Waterloo Sunset
    Symarip - Skinhead Moonstomp
    This Mortal Coil - Song To The Siren
    Unkle Bob - The Hit Parade